At Morton Learning our philosophy is very simple - to equip our clients and students with the mindset, and know -how to create their own success environment - no matter what industry or discipline they operate in.

We are a private training organisation providing unique and innovative Elearning courses that provide maximum impact in minimum time. 

Our world class online courses have been developed in conjunction with our local and international topic experts and incorporate up to date research and practice in all learning areas. All courses are self paced allowing learners to absorb content at their own speed. With an emphasis on practical application, all online courses are designed to give the learner skills that can be immediately implemented into their career, business and life. 

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Online Courses for Individuals and Organisations
Online Real Estate CPD Courses for 2016 -  WA 

Who We Train
What We Offer
How We Train

Our unique range of elearning workshops are designed for :

  • Sales Professionals
  • Business Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Education Personnel
  • Junior Employees
  • Small Business Owners
  • Executive and Personal Assistants
  • Customer Service Officers
  • Administration Officers
  • Marketing and Promotion staff 

Our range of short Elearning courses and workshops cover all areas of commerce and industry and include:

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Real Estate Professionals in WA 
  • Leadership Training
  • Sales and Negotiation Training
  • Communication Training
  • Team Motivation
  • Customer Serviice Training
  • Recruitment and Retention Training
  • Coaching Skills Development
  • Conflict and Dispute Resolution Training
  • and more..... 

Our Elearning platform offers learners the following features:

  • Easy navigation through the online courses - no IT skills reqiured.
  • Progressive self assessment throughout the courses.




We specialise in CPD for the following Professional Bodies:

Department of  Commerce WA (Real Estate CPD)