Conflict Resolution - Dealing with Difficult People


All of us experience conflicts. We argue with our spouses, disagree with our friends, and sometimes even quarrel with strangers at a football game. At times we lose sight of the fact that all this conflict is normal. So long as people are individuals there will be the potential for conflict. Since you can't prevent conflict the most important thing is to learn how to handle or manage it in productive ways. What is critical for resolving conflict is developing an understanding of, and a trust in, shared goals. It requires openness, discipline, and creativity. Showing respect for other people and not blaming them enables people to work for mutual benefit.

There are no magical phrases or simple procedures for managing conflict. However, there are several strategies for coping with conflict. Knowing when and how to use these techniques can make you a more effective leader.

These are the skills that you will develop during this online Conflict Resolution workshop........

The course is divided into 2 modules -

Module 1 - Dealing with Difficult People and Situations
Module 2 - Getting Along in the Workplace

You'll Learn to: 

  • Recognise how your own attitudes and actions impact on others.
  • Find new and effective techniques for managing negative emotions.
  • Develop coping strategies for dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.
  • Identify those times when you have the right to walk away from a difficult situation.
  • Learn some techniques for managing and dealing with anger.
    Understand what conflict is and how it can escalate.
    Recognise the most common conflict resolution styles and when to use them.

    Dates - Any where , Any time                                                                 
      This workshop will take a minimum of  8  hours of your total time to complete.  You can complete the course at any time that suits over a 3 month period.  
    Venue:  Your computer
    Cost: WA Real Estate CPD Students = $149 incl gst  (REBA number must be supplied when booking)
              General Public Students  =    $199 incl gst
  • What's included:  Upon enrolment each student gets 3 months to complete their online course. Each course provides students with comprehensive course manuals and Certificate of Completion after successful completion of the course.
    CPD Points for Real Estate Attendees-  7 CPD Points 
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